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Future start

The 2019 Pacific hurricane season is coming up, and the betting pools are up. I'll make some predictions for this season later, but if any of you guys have pre-season predictions, feel free to post them below. Ryan1000 03:56, November 20, 2018 (UTC)

CPHC will be merging their site to the NHC's in May. This should make finding advisories for CPAC storms even easier. Won't change the pace of CPHC TCRs though. Here's some other changes for this season.--Isaac829E-Mail 04:40, March 22, 2019 (UTC)
...and the CPHC site is gone.--Isaac829E-Mail 20:24, May 13, 2019 (UTC)
The 2019 Pacific hurricane season has now officially begun! Sandy156 :) 00:00, May 15, 2019 (UTC)


The season has been pretty quiet recently...hopefully we can still see Raymond before the year is over. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 22:40, November 2, 2019 (UTC)

AOI: Several Hundred Miles SSW of Baja

Popped up on the TWO at 20/20, although it'll only be a weakling at the very most. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 16:48, November 5, 2019 (UTC)

Down to 10/10, this won't develop anymore. I'm starting to doubt if Raymond will even come at all this year. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 23:13, November 5, 2019 (UTC)
Now near 0%, almost down and out. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 06:15, November 6, 2019 (UTC)
And it's off the TWO. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 16:05, November 6, 2019 (UTC)

Appears to be back on the TWO with 10/10 chances, although upper-level winds will completely prevent development. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 16:11, November 8, 2019 (UTC)

Now near 0%. This never even had a chance IMO. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 00:27, November 9, 2019 (UTC)
Off the TWO. Raymond won't come at all at this rate. But maybe I still spoke too soon and it comes before the end of the month, hopefully as a hurricane if possible. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 02:42, November 9, 2019 (UTC)

AOI: Several Hundred Miles South of Mexico

This was on the outlook since yesterday, initially with a 10/20 chance, but now it's 0/30. Unlike the above AOI, conditions might be favorable enough for Raymond to form. Hopefully. ~ Steve Message MeMy Edits📧 16:12, November 11, 2019 (UTC)

Retirements at a glance

Steve's retirements & other things

Explanations of tabs:

  • Main: Lists retirement chances and grades for all storms.
  • In summary...: Categorizes all named storms based on how likely they are to be retired.
  • Replacement Names: Every storm listed as "Might Either Stay, Or Be Retired" or higher on the previous tab each gets a top 10 list of my favorite replacement names that the NHC may choose.
  • How Far Can This Season Go?: An outlook for the future of the season. Lists what names may be used in the future, and gives percentages of how likely those names will be used this year. Also gives a background for what to expect this year.

Below the storms, you will find a list of all colors used and explanations for things that I did.
Potential tropical cyclones (PTCs) not included.

East Pacific:

  • Alvin: ~0%, C - Began the EPac season unusually late - the latest ever recorded. Stayed out to sea and barely met the criteria for hurricane intensity.
  • Barbara: 0.001%, A+ - An early season C4 that peaked just below C5 intensity. Amazing storm in general despite not reaching C5. Barely caused any impacts at all in Hawaii.
  • Cosme: ~0%, F - Very short-lived forgettable TS, but at least it reached 50 mph.
  • Four-E: N/A, F- - Forgettable failure, at least no name was stolen.
  • Dalila: ~0%, F - Weak, but lingered for a few days. At least it was better than Gil and Henriette below.
  • Erick: ~0%, A - Reached C4, but barely. Pretty amazing to track the strongest "Erick" on record. Didn't do jack sh!t to Hawaii.
  • Flossie: ~0%, C - Relatively long-lived despite peaking as a minimal hurricane. Passed near Hawaii as a dying storm but no damage or deaths. A bit of a disappointment though because it was initially thought to have a good chance at major status.
  • Gil: ~0%, Z - Laughable failure #1 of early August. Lasted not even two days in total (15:00 UTC 8/3 to 3:00 UTC 8/5) and didn't even surpass 40 mph/1006 mb. What a disgrace.
  • Henriette: ~0%, F- - Laughable failure #2 of early August. Lasted even shorter than Gil, lol. However, because the wind speed increased to 45 mph in post-analysis, its grade is upgraded to an F-.
  • Ivo: ~0%, D- - Barely affected parts of Mexico causing absolutely no real negative effects whatsoever. At least it became a strong 65 mph tropical storm, which saves it from a failing grade, even though it was initially forecast to become a hurricane.
  • Juliette: ~0%, A- - A nice fishspinner and became the first EPac storm to peak as a C3 since Otis in 2017.
  • Kiko: ~0%, A - Another nice fishie. Gets points for holding on for so long after weakening from a C4.
  • Lorena: 2%, C+ - Ended up doing just $910,000 in damage and 1 death, which is not nearly enough for retirement.
  • Mario: ~0%, D+ - Stayed offshore so it gets a 0% from me. Despite it originally being forecast to become a hurricane, it was still a bit resilient when it was faced with Lorena's shear.
  • Narda: 8%, E - Quite impacting for Mexico. Caused $15.2 million and 6 deaths which could give it a tiny chance of going, but it's not likely at all.
  • Octave: ~0%, F- - Yet another name-stealer, although its track was somewhat unusual.
  • Priscilla: 0.1%, Z - You had one job, and that was to redeem yourself this year. Well, what did you do? Troll us all by stealing the name right before landfall! You, Octave, Henriette, Gil, etc... you all better actually redeem yourself in 2025. Impacts don't seem much more than minimal so far, but that could change if it ends up worse than feared, so for now the percentage is a conservative 0.1%.

Central Pacific:

  • Akoni: ~0%, F- - A short-lived, pathetic name-stealer. At least it got named in the CPac, which prevents the "Z" grade.
  • Ema: ~0%, E - A fishspinner, gets some grading credit for its surprising formation and intensification to 50 mph.

Intensity colors: TD/SD, TS/SS (40-50 mph), TS/SS (60-70 mph), C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 (160-180 mph), 185+ mph

Based on SSHWS color coding as used on Wikipedia and other sites, and colors the names of the cyclones above. The colors were slightly adjusted so that "C1" would be easier to see on a white background, the color for "C5" was made more stark due to the severely of such storms, and a new color was added for stronger TSs (severe TSs in the WPac) so they would not be in the same category as the epic fail 40-45 mph TSs. Special dark red/purplish color gives recognition for the most powerful of the powerful storms that might be Category 6s if the category was introduced. TDs are still included for grading only, even though they can’t be retired (except in areas like PAGASA). TC names have special formatting depending on retirement chance. For 0 to 24%, they are bolded just like how the color codings appear. For 25% to 49%, they are also italicized. For 50% to 74%, they are bolded, italicized, and underlined. Lastly, for 75% to 100%, the names are BOLDED, ITALICIZED, UNDERLINED, AND IN ALL CAPS.

Retirement percentage colors: ~0%, 0%, or N/A; 0.001-0.4%, 0.5-0.9%, 1-4%, 5%-9%, 10-14%, 15-19%, 20-24%, 25-29%, 30-34%, 35-39%, 40-44%, 45-49%, 50%, 51-54%, 55-59%, 60-64%, 65-69%, 70-74%, 75-79%, 80-84%, 85-89%, 90-94%, 95-98%, 99-99.999%; ~100%, 100%; TBA

Percentages come in color-coded ranges, meaning any percentage within a range is the same color. "N/A" is gray like "0%," and is used for tropical depressions or any other storm that cannot be retired. "N/A" is only used for retirements because every storm is assigned a grade. "TBA" is black, and is used for both retirement percentages and grading when a system is currently active. If the retirement percentage becomes clear when a system is currently active, a "preliminary percentage" will be assigned until after the storm dissipates and impacts become even more clear. "~0%" and "~100%" with the tilde (meaning asymptotically certain/approximately equal) is used for any basin that does not have retirement requirements, meaning the vast majority of basins. The versions without the tilde are only used in basins with agencies that have retirement requirements where it’s absolutely certain to be retired or not retired, like PAGASA.

Grading colors: S, A++, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, F, F-, Z, TBA

Ranks a storm’s performance. Mostly not correlated with retirement percentages, except if a storm performed well but has a high retirement chance. If that is true, a negative correlation comes into play for moral reasons (if a storm receives a 100% retirement chance, don’t really expect anything above "A"). It’s based on the educational grading system, with a few key differences. "S-rank," used in some games, is used to denote a rank above A, the best of the best, and is reserved for the following: record-breakers in unusuality (a Atlantic hurricane in March, for example), longevity (On the scale of John ‘94, San Ciriaco 1899, Nadine ‘12, Ginger, Inga), intensity (185+ mph, but often only fishspinners), and persistence/ stubbornness (like Genevieve ‘14 or Otis ‘17). For moral reasons, the devastating storms (like Katrina, Irma, or Haiyan) never get this rank - usually only fishspinners do. "A++" occurs if a storm doesn’t quite satisfy "S"-criteria, but still performed really well regardless. A+ to D- and F is copied from the educational grading system - I’m sure you can understand what those mean. "E" is sort of an in-between grade (that fills in the gap between letters D and F) for storms that didn’t quite fail (possibly because they peaked above 50 mph or did other things), but were still pathetic. "F-" is even worse than F, denoting some of the worst failures (but not bad enough for "Z"). Lastly, notice that the grading system generally goes down the alphabet (A to F), lower letters for bigger failures. If this would continue, we would have "G", "H", and all the way down to "Y" (S is the exception in my scale). All of these letters would be redundant in a simple grading scale. To denote the worst failures of them all, I would like to skip all the way down to the final letter, "Z". Even worse than "F-", this is used to denote the shortest-lived TDs, name-stealers that peak at 40 mph for only 6-12 hours and last only a day in full, and just the most pathetic failures of all time.

Likely Retired:
Might Either Stay, Or Be Retired:
Likely Staying:
Staying: Alvin, Barbara, Cosme, Dalila, Erick, Flossie, Gil, Henriette, Ivo, Akoni, Juliette, Kiko, Lorena, Mario, Narda, Ema, Octave, Priscilla

Projected retirements for currently active storms:

  • N/A

Retirement chance ranges for:

  • "Retired": 80-100%
  • "Likely Retired": 60-79%
  • "Might Either Stay, Or Be Retired": 40-59%
  • "Likely Staying": 20-39%
  • "Staying": 0-19%

All storms in the categories (or projected to be in the categories) Retired, Likely Retired, and Might Either Stay, Or Be Retired are discussed here. These are my favorite 10 names for replacement.

None yet.

Predicted final replacements to be announced in spring 2020: --

Current outlook:

  • I expect that this season will end at or around Priscilla.
  • It's also possible that this season will go further to Raymond.
  • Sonia or beyond is looking unlikely.
  • In the Central Pacific, it is unlikely that any more named storms will form this year.
  • It's likely we will see 0 systems this year that will be devastating enough to earn retirement. No storms in this season have been devastating enough, and a devastating storm forming in the less than two months of the year remaining is nigh-on impossible. Narda, the best candidate so far, is still highly unlikely to be retired.

East Pacific:

  • Chances that Raymond will be used: 35% - I believe the season will end early this year. Unfavorable conditions across the basin are killing any disturbance that tries to develop. Still an outside chance of Raymond, but it's getting less likely.
  • Chances that Sonia will be used: 5% - The environment will not support two more storms before the end of the year.
  • Chances that Tico will be used: 0.01% - Unless some miracle explosion that defies climatology and the current unfavorable environment occurs, I'm pretty sure Tico will not come this year.
  • Chances that Velma or anything beyond will be used: ~0% - Not gonna happen.

Central Pacific:

  • Chances that Hone will be used: 12% - The chances of seeing "Hone" the rest of the year is very unlikely unless an Omeka '10 like storm occurs.
  • Chances that Iona or beyond will be used: ~0% - Nope!

Original forecast from August 24 for comparison:

  • I expect that this season will end at or around Sonia.
  • It's also possible that this season will only make it up to Priscilla or Raymond, or go further to Tico or Velma.
  • Wallis or beyond is looking unlikely, while the season ending at Octave or before is also unlikely.
  • In the Central Pacific, it is likely that Akoni will be used this year. For Ema and beyond, it is looking unlikely.
  • It's likely we will see at most 1 system this year that will be devastating enough to earn retirement. Any devastating system is most likely to occur in September or October.

East Pacific:

  • Chances that Juliette will be used: ~100% - The 0/30 system on the 5-day outlook might become this. If not, there's no chance that it will not form this year.
  • Chances that Kiko will be used: ~100% - Should form by the start of September.
  • Chances that Lorena will be used: ~100% - May arrive in early-mid September.
  • Chances that Mario will be used: 99.999% - I expect to see this in mid-late September.
  • Chances that Narda will be used: 99% - Will most likely be a late-September storm.
  • Chances that Octave will be used: 93% - I expect to see this in early October.
  • Chances that Priscilla will be used: 80% - Highly likely to reach this name. Expect to see this in October. *currently up to here*
  • Chances that Raymond will be used: 69% - Also likely that we will reach this name, and might be a later October storm.
  • Chances that Sonia will be used: 55% - Chances are still in favor for the season getting this far. Assuming it does form, it might be in November and might conclude the season.
  • Chances that Tico will be used: 40% - Chances decline below a coin toss at this point. If Tico does come, it should be a November or post-season surprise.
  • Chances that Velma will be used: 28% - Small chance of getting this far, although I wouldn't count on it.
  • Chances that Wallis will be used: 13% - Very unlikely to get this far - activity doesn't seem like it will match last year.
  • Chances that Xina will be used: 6% - 2018 got this far, but last year seemed more active and conducive than this year. I highly doubt we will get this far.
  • Chances that York will be used: 2% - Surpassing last year? Nah, not happening.
  • Chances that Zelda will be used: 0.1% - The chances reach almost zero at this point. We're not exhausting the list this year.
  • Chances that Anything beyond (Greeks?) will be used: ~0% - This year will not be anything exceptional. Surpassing 1992 is out of the cards.

Central Pacific:

  • Chances that Akoni will be used: 72% - I'll give this slightly less than a 3/4 chance. Some years go by without any CPac formations, but some can also have one or even multiple formations, so we'll see what happens.
  • Chances that Ema will be used: 28% - Slight chance, but probably not this year. *currently up to here*
  • Chances that Hone will be used: 9% - I really doubt it.
  • Chances that Iona will be used: 0.5% - A miracle CPac explosion shouldn't happen this year.
  • Chances that Keli or beyond will be used: ~0% - Nope!

~ Steve Talk PageMy Edits📧 20:16, August 24, 2019 (UTC) (Last updated: 23:07, November 6, 2019 (UTC))

Sandy's retirements and grades

Time to judge the EPac right now!

(Retirement colors: 0%, 0.01%/0.1%, 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 7.5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 99%, 100%, TBA, Fail%, N/A)

(Category colors: PTC, TD, TS, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5)

(Grading colors: S, A+++, A++, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, F, Z, TBA)

  • Alvin: B-, 0% — The latest recorded start of the basin, Alvin managed to succeed NHC’s forecast and become a minimal hurricane before dying out.
  • Barbara: A++, 0.01% — A beautiful and amazing high-end Category 4 hurricane that had minimal impacts on Hawaii but otherwise, it’s very likely it’ll stay.
  • Cosme: E, 0% — A relatively short-lived storm that peaked at 50 mph, raising it to an E due to Dailia and Gil.
  • Four-E: F, N/A — Fail, but at least it wasn’t a name stealer.
  • Dailia: F, 0% — A failure, but at least it lived longer and was stronger than Gil and Henriette.
  • Erick: A, 0% — Barely held on to C4 for 12 hours but otherwise, it’s a great storm.
  • Flossie: C-, 0% — Well underperformed its forecast for a C3, only peaking at an 80 mph C1 hurricane. It was long-lived however, so I’ll give her credit to that.
  • Gil: Z, Fail% — Gilma’s brother, that’s all I have to explain.
  • Henriette: Z, Fail% — Good job EPac, you produced another failicia! Barely stronger than Gil though.
  • Ivo: D-, 0% — I was expecting a C3 at the most for this system when it was an invest, but it underperformed miserably and never became a hurricane.
  • Juliette: A, 0% — It was nice to see the first C3 since Otis of 2017.
  • Akoni: E, 0% — A weak and short-lived storm, but gets credit for forming in the CPac and pulling off a surprise formation.
  • Kiko: TBA — currently active.
  • Lorena: C, 10% — Nice to see another hurricane, no deaths reported thankfully (as of now). Retirement probability will maybe change once the damages are released.
  • Mario: TBA — currently active.

That’s it for now folks!

Sandy156 :) 23:46, August 24, 2019 (UTC)

[Updated as of 18:21, September 22, 2019 (UTC)]

Harveycane's predictions and grades

Intensity colors: TD, TS, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C5 (185+ mph)

Grading colors: S, A+++, A++, A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E, F, F-, Z, Z-, TBA

Formation chance/retirement percentages:

  • 0%
  • 0.001-0.9% (Nearly 0%)
  • 1-9% (Extremely unlikely)
  • 10-19% (Very unlikely)
  • 20-29% (Unlikely)
  • 30-39% (Somewhat unlikely)
  • 40-49% (Medium)
  • 50-59% (Somewhat likely)
  • 60-69% (Likely)
  • 70-79% (Very likely)
  • 80-89% (Extremely likely)
  • 90-99% (Nearly certain)
  • 100% (Certain)

  • Alvin: 0%, C- - After over a month and a half we finally get a hurricane. Should have formed much earlier, and it would have gotten a better grade.
  • Barbara: 0.1%, A+ - Great storm! Became a high end C4 and looked good at satellite peak. This is what made me gain hope for the basin, until Gil and Henriette came. Only caused minimal damage, so its staying.
  • Cosme: 0%, E - Short lived, crappy looking like the other fails in the season. However, it at least reached 50 mph.
  • Four-E: 0%, F - Thank you for not wasting a name. However, you still were a fail.
  • Dalila: 0%, F - A fail, but at least it didn't fail too bad unlike Gil and Henriette.
  • Erick: 0%, A - Great storm that just barely reached C4 status. It would have a higher grade if it were stronger though.
  • Flossie: 0%, C - Reached hurricane status, but they forecasted a major once, which is why the grade is low.
  • Gil: Failippe%, Z - Come back in 2025 when you're ready to redeem yourself.
  • Failiette: 0%, F- - You too, Henriette. At least you reached 45 mph, but that means nothing.
  • Ivo: Terrible%, Z - You had one job, and that was to be something promising, AT LEAST a hurricane or something. But no, you decided to fail. Please redeem yourself, all three of you, in 2025.
  • Juliette: 0%, A - Congratulaions, you didn’t bust! Jkjk, but nonetheless this was an interesting fishspinner to track.
  • Kiko: 0%, A - You didn't want to die huh? The grade is due to being long lasting and its unexpected strengthening to a C4.
  • Akoni: 0%, F - Short lived name stealer. Next!
  • Lorena*: 3%, B- - Unfortunately one person died as it caused flooding in the states of Colima and Jalisco. Gets a B- for becoming a hurricane while not initially forecasted to, but impacts limited the grade from going higher. Also, she nearly cut Mario's life short, but fortunately that did not happen.
  • Mario: 0%, D - Did it's best in the face of his sister Lorena, but didn't reach hurricane status despite being forecasted to multiple times.
  • Narda: 9%, F - Caused more severe impacts in Mexico than the above storm, but still does not meet criteria for retirement standards.
  • Octave: 0%, F- - Forgettable, weak fail on the levels of Henriette.
  • Priscilla: 0.1%, Z- - Oh, you again. A great name wasted on a SH!TSTORM. Either you remain a depression and don't steal the great names on the list, or actually be good. And neither of those happened. Congratulations for pulling an Imelda and stealing a name right before landfall. And to make matters worse, you managed to form the second trio of failures this year. Redeem yourself when you're ready. Goodbye!

* Both Mario (91E) and Lorena (92E) formed simultaneously, although Mario (91E) was named later.

Overall season rating (tentative): D+ - Unfortunately, the Eastern Pacific isn't doing so good as well. Yes, I am looking at the pathetic failures. We could be on track to a below average season here.

Future storm chances (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):

Eastern Pacific:

  • Raymond - 38% - Most likely a late-October storm. Probably going to break the ongoing trend of every storm named Raymond being the strongest storm of the season.
  • Sonia - 24% - Probably going to be a November storm. Chances are low, but nonzero.
  • Tico - 10% - Unlikely to form. I wont be surprised if this doesn't form.
  • Velma - 4% - Don't even bother anymore.
  • Wallis and beyond - 0% - Yeah, maybe it will. But only in your hypothetical what-might-have-been season.

Central Pacific:

  • Hone - 0.8% - Almost impossible to form at this point.
  • Iona and beyond - 0% - Trust me, a hyperactive Atlantic season this year will still be more likely than reaching here.

Harveycane (Talk | Contributions) 03:47, August 25, 2019 (UTC)

IbAHAn1829's / The Chosen Wizard's Name Retirement Chances

East Pacific Hurricane:

The basin has seen many new storms form within the past month.

  • Hurricane Alvin - Nice storm, won't be retired this year. (0%)
  • Hurricane Barbara - Strongest storm so far, won't be retired. (0%)
  • Hurricane Erick - Another fishspinner C4, it won't be retired. (0%)
  • Hurricane Flossie - Again, won't be retired. (0%)
  • Tropical Storm Ivo - Almost became a hurricane. (0%)
  • Hurricane Juliette - Finally a major fishspinner hurricane. (0%)
  • Hurricane Kiko - Third C4 of the season, and it just doesn't know when to stop. (0%)
  • Tropical Storm Lorena - Something to be on the lookout for at it approaches Mexico. (??%)
  • Tropical Storm Mario - Name of a video game character. May also become a hurricane like Lorena. (??%)
  • Tropical Storms Cosme, Dalila, Gil, and Henriette - Failures, all failures. (0%)

Central Pacific Hurricane:

Three storms so far in this basin, and all three were EPAC-CPAC crossovers:

  • Hurricane Erick - Formidable hurricane in the Central Pacific, but won't get retired. (0%)
  • Tropical Storm Flossie - Became weak when it entered this basin. Did affect Hawaii, though. (0%)
  • Tropical Storm Akoni - Well, it tried. (0%)

TheChosenWizard \I like weather/ \Contributions/ 01:42, August 29, 2019 (UTC)

Beatissima's Retirement Predictions

  • C1 Alvin - 0%
  • C4 Barbara - 0%
  • TS Cosme - 0%
  • TD Four-E - N/A
  • TS Dalila - 0%
  • C4 Erick - 0%
  • C1 Flossie - 0%
  • TS Gil - 0%
  • TS Henriette - 0%
  • TS Ivo - 0%
  • C3 Juliette - 0%
  • TS Akoni - 0%
  • C4 Kiko - 0%
  • C1 Lorena - 10%
  • TS Mario - 0%
  • TS Narda - 25%
  • TS Ema - 0%
  • PT Seventeen-E - N/A
  • TS Octave - 0%
  • TS Priscilla - 0%

Jas/A2.0's retirement forecast

(For now, I won't grade the storms in this basin.)

  • Alvin to Juliette - 0% - Not happening. There are a few spectacles (yes, I'm talking about Barbara & Erick), but realistically, none of them will go.
  • Akoni - 0% - What a flop.
  • Kiko - 0.5% - That .5 is for being a persistent system.
  • Lorena - 5% - Had land impacts but so far, so good. Most likely to stay in the lists.
  • Mario - 0% - Not going anywhere soon.

[Originally posted by Jas (Anonymous 2.0) (talk) 15:49, September 28, 2019 (UTC). Last updated by Jas (Anonymous 2.0) (talk) 15:49, September 28, 2019 (UTC).]

Ryan1000's Retirement Predictions

I doubt anything will get retired in this basin this year, but I'll make a list anyways for the fun of it:


  • Alvin - 0% - Another hurricane kickoff to the season, but came rather late.
  • Barbara - 0% - The remnant rainfall to Hawaii doesn't justify any chance.
  • Cosme - 0% - EPac fail #1.
  • Dalila - 0% - Worse than Cosme.
  • Erick - 0% - Strongest incarnation to date, but a fish is a fish.
  • Flossie - 0% - Remnants brought rain to Hawaii but nothing too serious.
  • Gil - 0% - Worst storm of the season...
  • Henriette - 0% - Better than Gil, but just barely.
  • Ivo - 0% - Was slightly more resilient than some of the other weak storms we had before, but still didn't become a hurricane or cause notable effects on land.
  • Juliette - 0% - Put on a nice display of intensification but didn't affect land.
  • Kiko - 0% - Although it didn't affect land, Kiko's 13-day lifespan makes the bottom of the top 20 longest-lived Pacific hurricanes on record east of the dateline, and for that, Kiko was pretty good to track.
  • Lorena - 5% - Hit Mexico as a hurricane, causing some damage and loss of life but nothing worth retiring over.
  • Mario - 0% - Was overshadowed, but not eaten by, his sister Lorena.
  • Narda - 10% - Worse than Lorena but not enough to be retired.
  • Octave - 0% - Still active, but unlikely to affect land.
  • Priscilla - 2% - Unlikely it was too severe.


  • Akoni - 0% - Made the CPac naming list go full circle, but remained well away from Hawaii.
  • Ema - 0% - See Akoni.

Ryan1000 05:00, October 19, 2019 (UTC)

Post-season Changes

Name Operational Intensity and Duration Reanalysis Intensity and Duration TCR Release Date
Alvin 75 mph, 992 mbars, June 25-29 75 mph, 992 mbars, June 25-29 August 22, 2019
Barbara 155 mph, 933 mbars, June 30-July 6 155 mph, 930 mbars, June 30-July 5 August 25, 2019
Cosme 50 mph, 1001 mbars, July 6-8 50 mph, 1001 mbars, July 6-7 August 19, 2019
Four-E 35 mph, 1006 mbars, July 12-14 35 mph, 1006 mbars, July 12-13 August 6, 2019
Dalila 40 mph, 1005 mbars, July 22-25 45 mph, 1004 mbars, July 22-25 August 9, 2019
Erick 130 mph, 952 mbars, July 27-August 5 130 mph, 952 mbars, July 27-August 4 September 25, 2019
Flossie 80 mph, 990 mbars, July 28-August 6 N/A N/A
Gil 40 mph, 1006 mbars, August 3-5 N/A N/A
Henriette 40 mph, 1005 mbars, August 12-13 45 mph, 1003 mbars, August 12-13 October 8, 2019
Ivo 65 mph, 992 mbars, August 21-25 70 mph, 990 mbars, August 21-25 November 7, 2019
Juliette 125 mph, 953 mbars, September 1-7 N/A N/A
Kiko 130 mph, 950 mbars, September 12-25 N/A N/A
Mario 65 mph, 996 mbars, September 17-23 N/A N/A
Lorena 85 mph, 987 mbars, September 17-22 80 mph, 985 mbars, September 17-22 October 30, 2019
Narda 45 mph, 999 mbars, Sep.29-Oct.1 N/A N/A
Octave 45 mph, 1004 mbars, October 17-19 N/A N/A
Priscilla 40 mph, 1004 mbars, October 20-21 N/A N/A

Other storms:

Name Operational Intensity and Duration Reanalysis Intensity and Duration Report Release Date
Seventeen-E 35 mph, 1005 mbars, October 16 N/A N/A

Four-E's TCR has been released.--Isaac829E-Mail 16:24, August 11, 2019 (UTC)

That was fast...4-E's TCR was finished less than a month after it formed. But wasn't surprising, considering how short-lived and insignificant it was. Anyways, duration was cut a day short. Now do Cosme, Dalila, and Gil in that time frame, NHC. Ryan1000 09:33, August 12, 2019 (UTC)
Cosme also out too.--Isaac829E-Mail 20:18, August 20, 2019 (UTC)

No changes to Cosme's intensity, but duration got cut 1 day short. Ryan1000 20:37, August 21, 2019 (UTC)

Dalila is out, but was finished on the 9th, only two weeks after it dissipated. Fairly fast, and only the pressure was downed by 1 mbar. Ryan1000 11:45, August 24, 2019 (UTC)

Minor mistake, Dalila's wind speeds were actually upped 5 mph in its TCR. Sandy156 :) 06:59, August 25, 2019 (UTC)

Alvin's TCR is out, but was finished by August 22. Only held hurricane status for 6 hours but other than that, no major changes have been made. Sandy156 :) ~ Remember 9/11 05:04, September 11, 2019 (UTC)

Barbara is out, but was finished on August 25. Pressure got buffed to 930 but it wasn't upgraded to a cat 5. Also, duration was cut a day short. Ryan1000 11:53, September 15, 2019 (UTC)

Erick came out today, no changes to intensity but like Barbara, the duration was cut a day short at the end. Ryan1000 21:37, September 25, 2019 (UTC)

Henriette is out; released a couple days ago. For some reason, this sad storm got upped to 45 mph. Sandy156 :) 05:56, October 11, 2019 (UTC)

Added a separate "other storms" table for 17-E, since it wasn't officially a TC but still posed a threat to Mexico so it gets credit. Ryan1000 02:46, October 17, 2019 (UTC)

Lorena came out a little over a week ago, but was recently put up on their site. Winds were cut down to 80 mph but pressure was buffed 2 mbars from 987 to 985. Duration remains the same. Ryan1000 12:29, November 8, 2019 (UTC)

Ivo came out yesterday, intensity was buffed slightly from 65/992 to 70/990, but duration is still the same. Ryan1000 00:37, November 9, 2019 (UTC)

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