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Favorite Storms of 2012

I won't mind starting this early. We got a invest in SWIO.10Q.INVEST 02:42, October 4, 2011 (UTC)

Isaac829's Favorite Storms

  1. Typhoon Vicente
  2. Hurricane Sandy
  3. Typhoon Pablo
  4. Typhoon Tembin
  5. Hurricane Bud
  6. Cyclone Jasmine
  7. Cyclone Anais
  8. Cyclone Giovanna
  9. Typhoon Bolaven
  10. Hurricane Chris

Isaac829E-Mail 21:23, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

Andrew444's Top 5 Favorite Storms

  • Hurricane Chris
  • Hurricane Emilia
  • Hurricane Daniel
  • Severe Tropical Storm Kuena
  • Tropical Storm Beryl

AndrewTalk To MeContribsMail Me

CobraStrike's Top 5 Storms

  • Cylone Jasmine
  • Typhoon Mawar (Ambo)
  • Tropical Storm Beryl
  • Hurricane Bud
  • Tropical Storm Alberto

atomic7732's best storms from each basin

WPAC - Typhoon Damrey
EPAC - Hurricane Fabio
ATL - Hurricane Chris

The H Factor (Liz)

Ok, here goes. This is how my system works, a talent show called the H factor.


Carla (1961)

Allen (1980)

Igor (2010)

ATLANTIC Presenter: Fabian (2003) yuss. da fab ian. :D


  • Alberto - Dora: Yes. Carla: Um. Ok, then I'll give you a chance. Yes. Allen: Yes. Igor: Uh, no. (Out of competition)
  • Beryl - Dora: What an epic storm. So I'mma say... Yes. Carla: Yes. Allen: Yes. Igor: 4 Yes's, you're through!
  • Chris - Dora: No, sorry. Carla: OOO! I liked that, I want MORE, so YES! Allen: I'm going to agree with Dora. Igor: What the heck was that. No. Fabian: Well DO YOU KNOW WHAT? I think this Chris was FABULOUS. Wanna show the judges how? HIT IT! (Out of competition)
  • Debby - Dora: yes Carla: yes Allen: yes Igor: ABSOLUTELY NO.
  • Ernesto - Dora: yes Carla: yes Allen:yes Igor: 100% NO.
  • Florence - Dora: *snoozes* no. Carla: no, so sorry. Allen: Very boring, so no. Igor: ABSOLUTELY NO. (Out of competition)
  • Gordon - Dora: yes. Carla: YUSS Allen: No Igor: I quite liked that, Don't listen to Allen, so yes.
  • Helene - Dora: YES. Carla: 999% Yes. Allen: yes. Igor: NO. I HATED THAT.
  • Isaac -
  • Joyce -
  • Kirk -
  • Leslie -
  • Michael -
  • Nadine -

(under construction)

Fabian: ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT. THE WINNERS ARE............ (drum roll)


Pretty descent, uh?

File:Princess cadance pixel trot by klopp22-d4zfuk2.gifFile:Mlp.pngRaraah, Awesome PonyFile:Mlp.pngFile:Princess cadance pixel trot by klopp22-d4zfuk2.gif 17:51, December 19, 2012 (UTC)