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Favorite storms of 2013

Starting this a bit early.--Isaac829E-Mail 19:35, August 26, 2012 (UTC)

I will do my top 10 list so far now. (Updated December 30, 2013)

  1. Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Bruce
  2. Typhoon Lekima
  3. Typhoon Francisco
  4. Intense Tropical Cyclone Amara
  5. Hurricane Raymond
  6. Hurricane Erick
  7. Typhoon Wipha
  8. Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Phailin
  9. Severe Tropical Storm Pewa
  10. Hurricane Humberto

AndrewTalk To MeContribsMail Me 22:49, August 23, 2013 (UTC)

Here's mine:

  1. Typhoon Haiyan
  2. Typhoon Lekima
  3. Typhoon Francisco
  4. Tropical Storm Pewa
  5. Tropical Storm Flossie
  6. Cyclone Phailin
  7. Hurricane Manuel
  8. Cyclone Bruce
  9. Typhoon Usagi
  10. Typhoon Soulik

--Isaac829E-Mail 23:47, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

Typhoon Haiyan? Seriously? That storm killed millions. It's gotta be my worst storm of the year. Anyway, happy Christmas to all! Here are my top 10 (no particular order):

  1. Bruce
  2. Raymond
  3. Henriette
  4. Usagi (Chibi bunny?)
  5. Humberto
  6. Flossamena
  7. Odette

Continued later... “i liek turtlez 14:04, December 25, 2013 (UTC)

I don't have time to post a list right now, but I fully agree with Liz that Haiyan is a piss-poor choice. For all its incredible meteorological achievements, its impacts were flat-out horrific. Does 6,000+ dead sound like a "best storm of the year" to you, Isaac? I mean, you're free to have your own opinion, it's just that I'm shocked, and I'm not the only one. --Dylan (HurricaneMaker99) 05:00, December 27, 2013 (UTC)
I'm only choosing the storms based on strength and track, not on impact. If I did include impact, Manuel and Haiyan wouldn't be on the list.--Isaac829E-Mail 19:00, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

I agree with you guys, Haiyan is more like the worst storm of the year than a best storm of the year. Yeah, it became one of the strongest storms in history, but 6,000+ dead puts it on my worst storms of the year list. The Philippines really got devastated from that monster, how can it be your favorite storm of the year?! Seriously? Isaac, you might also want to rethink Manuel, since that storm was also very devastating.

Anyway, it's time for.....


  1. Typhoon Lekima (It became one of the strongest storms in the WPac this year, but it didn't affect any land. Yeah! You're the best, Lekima!!)
  2. Cyclone Bruce (A very similar storm to Lekima, but a little weaker)
  3. Tropical Storm Pewa (The first CPac storm in years!)
  4. Typhoon Francisco (Similar storm to Lekima and Bruce, but instead of not affecting land at all, it affected only a little bit of land. It also lasted a pretty long time!)
  5. Tropical Storm Flossie (Gave Hawaii a rare beating, but luckily it wasn't too bad in the end. Bonus points for becoming the first storm in a looong time to directly affect Hawaii and for staying as a tropical storm.)
  6. Hurricane Raymond (For becoming the only major in the EPac and for lasting a long time, but it slightly affected Mexico)
  7. Hurricane Humberto (It became the strongest storm of the pathetic 2013 Atlantic season! It only peaked as a Category 1, but who cares. It also didn't significantly affect land.)
  8. Cyclone Phailin (This storm became the strongest of the 2013 North Indian season (reaching the awesome Category 5 intensity), but since it caused a little bit of destruction in India and threatened them very badly too, it's a little lower in my list than it would have been)
  9. Typhoon Usagi (It became a super typhoon in the WPac (and it's name also means something about a bunny, which is pretty cool), but the fact that it caused some destruction on land puts it lower in my list.)
  10. Hurricane Henriette (And finally, a Category 2 in the EPac rounds out my list. It was the 2nd strongest storm this year in the Pacific (after Raymond), and it also didn't affect or threaten land.)

Steven09876 Happy Holidays! 18:41, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

We should respect everyone choice no matter if we see it good or bad,Haiyan even though deadly it was a beast and I would say it.It was amazingly beautiful,I have never presence a perfect core like Haiyan in my life.

1 Haiyan was my favorite by the reason mention above

2 Tropical storm Melissa was a pleaseant surprise from the Atlantic even when the majority thought it was dead.I love her even more than the other hurricanes.

3 Hurricane Henriette it was a near major but not major I prefer her than Raymond because Raymond broke the streak.

4 Cyclone Phailin  even though it was a 5 it didn`t kill that most people and it was beautiful too.So spectacular.

5Typhoon Usagi I love tracking him

6 Cyclone Bruce fun to track and my favorite storm of the Swio for now, A lovely cat 5 too.

Btw Merry Christmas and sorry for being late I have been busy.

Allanjeffs 20:03, December 27, 2013 (UTC)

Haven't been on these forums for a while, but my top 5 favorites from 2013 are here:

  1. Cyclone Bruce
  2. Typhoon Lekima
  3. Hurricane Humberto
  4. Hurricane Henriette
  5. Tropical Storm Flossie

Ryan1000 17:14, February 17, 2014 (UTC)