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If anyone has favorite storms they'd like to post from this year, do it on this page. Ryan1000 16:44, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

Hi. It's Henriette here. Here are my favourite storms:

  1. Tropical Storm Jova
  2. Tropical Storm Jova
  3. Tropical Storm Jova
  4. Tropical Storm Jova

Yes, and you can't tell me otherwise. 00:44, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

My Favorite Storms

Oh, you got to be kidding me (the one at the top of this). Anyway, here are my top 10 favorite storms:

  1. Hurricane Otis
  2. Typhoon Noru
  3. Hurricane Irma
  4. Hurricane Harvey
  5. Hurricane Fernanda
  6. Cyclone Donna
  7. Hurricane Franklin
  8. Hurricane Gert
  9. Hurricane Hilary
  10. Tropical Storm Arlene

You like mine? Sorry, I didn't put my reason why it's my favorite. Hi!- 02:04, August 16, 2017 (UTC)

TG's favorite storms

I'd like to present my favorites in order from 1-10.

  1. Typhoon Noru - An amazing Category 5 super typhoon that bounced back at all challenges, exploding from a C1 to a C5 in six hours.
  2. Cyclone Ernie - This one was a doozy. Ernie also explosively intensified from a C1 to a C5 in 24 hours, which is still really fast. Luckily, Ernie affected no landmasses.
  3. Cyclone Donna - Although I am a huge fan of the Atl and WPac, I also like the SPac. When Donna formed, I was really excited for her potential. Donna suddenly exploded and became an OFF-SEASON CATEGORY 5 CYCLONE! Donna unfortunately could be retired for her impacts in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.
  4. Cyclone Enawo - Enawo was sure a surprise after a long period of having no storms. Carlos and Dineo were kind of weak, but when Enawo came, it had the potential to become very strong, and he did. Enawo unfortunately slammed into Madagascar and caused 80+ fatalities.
  5. Hurricane Fernanda - As I mentioned before, the EPac is tied with the North Indian Ocean as my least favorite basin. Fernanda raised my hopes for this basin for about two days by becoming the second major hurricane in a row. Afterwards, I completely stopped tracking the storms in the EPac.
  6. Cyclone Ella - This one was really cool because it was the only time that two named storms were active at the same time in May.
  7. Cyclone Debbie - The first Severe Tropical Cyclone since Quang in 2015, and Debbie did not disappoint. The only thing that was devastating about Debbie was its landfall. Debbie was not any higher on this list due to the deaths and damages in Australia. Debbie has been retired but no replacement name has been announced yet.
  8. Hurricane Eugene - Eugene defied all forecasts and became a Category 3 hurricane. Then, Eugene barely did anything else.
  9. Hurricane Gert - Gert was a strong C2 hurricane out to sea. Unfortunately, two fatalities occurred.
  10. Typhoon Nesat - Although weak, Nesat defied most forecasts and became a strong C1 typhoon. Nesat made landfall on Taiwan and China, causing $6.06 million in damages and two fatalities. TG 5 YEARS OF TRACKING 21:04, August 18, 2017 (UTC)

GloriouslyBlonde's 10 Favorate Storms

  1. Tropical Storm Cindy it was weak but if it had devloped earlier than it did it could've became spmthing big
  2. Typhoon Hato defined all forecast and became a category 3
  3. Typhoon Noru became a cat5 very honored to track it and defined the odds
  4. Cyclone Debbie became a cat4 and defied the odds des[ite slow intensifying
  5. Cyclone Ella one the May twins was notable due to it exist in may
  6. Hurricane Gert the first storm to pass by Georgia this year and try to become a category 3
  7. Hurricane Harvey a notable storm the first storm ive tracked that was a C4 since Nicole in 2016 and the second widly coverd storm since Matthew in 2016
  8. Tropical Storm Merbok a impressive storm that could've became a typhoom
  9. Tropical Storm Arlene defined April pysics.
  10. Tropical Storm Emily suprizinly formed.

Leeboy100's favorite storms

I'm gonna wait until the end of the year to complete this list, but for now here's mine.

  1. Tropical Storm Lee
  2. Tropical Storm Lee
  3. Tropical Storm Lee
  4. Tropical Storm Lee
  5. Tropical Storm Lee
  6. Tropical Storm Lee
  7. Tropical Storm Lee
  8. Tropical Storm Lee
  9. Tropical Storm Lee
  10. Tropical Storm Lee

Leeboy100 Hoping for recovery. 02:19, September 24, 2017 (UTC)