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Since it's the end of the year, it would be a good time to revive the "Favorite storms" page. Feel free to post your own list here. I'm going to start by posting a top 10 list of my favorites, including a reason why they are in my list. ~ Steve 🎄 HappyHolidays!🎅🕯 23:58, December 27, 2019 (UTC)

Steve's Favorite Storms of 2019

What a year this has been for the tropics. Many of the storms this year were very amazing to track, including some that stayed completely out to sea and never harmed anyone. My favorite storms do not include any storms that were particularly devastating (such as Dorian or Hagibis); the less devastation, the better. Anyway, I present to you all...


  1. Typhoon Halong (A very amazing typhoon that stayed out to sea, becoming the most powerful of the year, surpassing even Dorian in pressure. Congrats for being my #1 storm! You're the best, Halong!!)
  2. Very Intense Tropical Cyclone Ambali (This exceeded every intensity forecast, becoming the first VITC in the SWIO since Fantala. Its explosive intensification is unmatched by any other SHem storm!)
  3. Hurricane Lorenzo (A C5 that broke convention by being far out in the Atlantic rather than in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, or anywhere else near North America. It intensified to that intensity further east than any other Atlantic storm while being one of the least destructive C5s in Atlantic history. I don't think it even made a landfall while tropical which makes it the first Atlantic C5 ever to achieve this!)
  4. Cyclone Kyarr (The most powerful ever recorded in the Arabian Sea and the lone super cyclonic storm of a hyperactive NIO season. As a bonus, barely anyone was affected!)
  5. Typhoon Wutip (Broke the record for most powerful typhoon ever in February. And it even stayed mostly out to sea, except for some impacts to the Caroline Islands and Guam.)
  6. Hurricane Kiko (This became quite powerful, but also just kept on going and going and going... staying completely out to sea throughout its whole life.)
  7. Hurricane Barbara (Almost became a C5, becoming the strongest of this year's EPac season. Never affected land throughout its lifetime either except for some showers in Hawaii.)
  8. Typhoon Bualoi (Another powerful and amazing typhoon that affected no one.)
  9. Intense Tropical Cyclone Funani (Seems to be the most powerful non-destructive storm this year of the record-breaking 2018-19 SWIO season. Only affected Rodrigues with minimal impacts.)
  10. Tropical Storm Iba (And capping off this list, we have the first South Atlantic tropical storm since 2010.)

Honorable mentions:

  • Intense Tropical Cyclone Haleh (Comparably intense to Funani, although still slightly weaker. No one was affected at all by this amazing fishspinner.)
  • Hurricane Erick (The strongest "Erick" ever recorded in the EPac, barely reached C4 intensity, and stayed south of Hawaii.)
  • Intense Tropical Cyclone Gelena (Another powerful cyclone doing little impacts to land, although Rodrigues was hardest hit.)
  • Intense Tropical Cyclone Joaninha (The most powerful in the SWIO (by pressure) that wasn't very deadly or devastating. However, the impacts to Rodrigues set it back a bit.)
  • Hurricane Juliette (The first EPac storm to peak as a C3 since Otis in 2017, and it was a powerful C3 at that (125 mph). Stayed completely out to sea as a bonus.)

~ Steve 🎄 HappyHolidays!🎅🕯 23:58, December 27, 2019 (UTC)